The ABC’s of Selling on Craigslist

So, you want to make money selling on Craigslist? Making money on this popular classified website is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Speaking of kindergarten, continue reading on for the ABCs of selling on Craigslist; make money today.

A – Always take and upload a picture. No picture usually equals no sale.
B – But I don’t have a digital camera; borrow one.
C – Cut the crap and set a fair selling price. Don’t ask $50 for a painting you paid $25 for at Ikea.
D – Don’t assume all Craigslist buyers are suckers; most are very smart and will call you out on your stupid or devious ways.
E – Everyone loves a good deal, so (once again) set a reasonable selling price.
F – Forget about what you paid; no one cares. Only consider what it is worth now.
G – Get with the program; Craigslist is not a place to sell your junk that you would be lucky to give away for free.

H – Haggling on Craigslist is common practice. To avoid hagglers, state „price is firm.“
I – If you tell interested buyers to email you, you better check your email daily (and not two weeks from now).
J – Jump to meet the needs of your buyer (they are offering you money), be nice and respond to their inquires right away.
K – Keep your goals realistic. The more you sell on Craigslist, the more you will make, but don’t expect to become a millionaire.

L – List similar items together in a group, like 20 DVDs and offer a discount to anyone willing to buy them all.
M – Make sure you provide detailed information. What kind of bookshelf are you selling? If you don’t upload pictures (a no, no) you better write a good description.
N – Never try to pull a fast one on your buyers; it never works (at least for very long).
O – Overcharging your customers by an insane amount is the quickest way to get hate mail.
P – Put yourself in the shoes of a buyer; would you buy what you have to sell?

Q – Quit relisting your couch on Craigslist if it hasn’t sold in 2 months; move it to the free section.
R – Rules, rules, and rules. Craigslist has rules. Take a few seconds and familiarize yourself with them.
S – Stop using internet acronyms. If you want to say OBO, take the two seconds it takes to actually type it out. You want your buyers to understand you.
T – Take good pictures. Not only should you upload pictures of what you have to sell, but make sure they are good.
U – Underneath your item description, be sure to include a method of contact like email or a phone number.
V -Very rabid deal seekers are likely to contact you often, so pull your Craigslist ad as soon as the item sells.

W – Wait to go all soft and offer to meet the buyer halfway. See if they will come to pickup the desk or whatever you are selling first.
X – Xtra (yes I couldn’t think of an X) bonuses work, so toss in your ratty old camera case with your digital camera. You might be surprised how many think they are getting an awesome deal just because of it.
Y – You are the seller; you can set your own prices, but don’t abuse the power Craigslist has given you. Remember, you want to actually make money.
Z – Zoo; Craigslist is like a zoo when you get a 100s of people selling office chairs in just one city; make your posts standout and in a good way. Be that lion in the zoo that every kid wants to see.

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